A downloadable game for Windows

A fast and endless 2D platformer.

Help the Nightguard produce energy in the Nuclear Power Plant, without causing a Meltdown by doing the actions that are going to appear on the screen before the time ends. The order of the actions will be random at every playthrough, each time an action is successfully completed you will gain some extra seconds to go on with your adventure. Your aim is to score the highest score possible!

REMINDER: The game is created to perfectly work with a screen resolution 1920x1080. It can run on lower resolutions but some parts of the UI might overlap


Move around with "A" "D" keys or with left and right arrow keys, jump with "spacebar" and follow the instructions in the middle of the screen to complete the required tasks.


Unzip the downloaded file, start the .exe file and enjoy!


Anti-Meltdown Surveillance.rar 38 MB

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